Our Diocese

How to describe our Diocese? Where do I start? Mindful that this must be short, we are situated on the western edge of Uganda encompassing part of Lake Albert and with a north border to the Nile. So I have part of a major Lake within my care – I wonder how many Bishops can make such a claim?

We organise ourselves into area parishes, each with a Vicar, and each parish then has a number of ‘village’ churches – often a considerable number – where worship is generally led by a Lay Reader or a Catechist who is a member of the local community. These parishes are organised into four Archdeaconries. Statistics are difficult as we are growing all the time (for instance, we have recently added the fourth Archdeaconry – Ikoba) but sufficient to say that, at the last count we had over 25 parish areas serving approaching 300 churches.

Several of our buildings are quite large but most are much smaller and very basic, little more than four walls and a tin roof, but still loved by the villagers who built them in the Lord’s name.  

 In addition, we have over 70 of our church schools scattered around the Diocese catering for all age groups. So you see that, as Bishop, I have quite a job to get round to see everyone at least once a year, in addition to all the other jobs outside the Diocese that a Bishop has to do!