We are a diocese rich in the gifts of the Lord and in the talents of our people, ordained and lay
– but finding enough money to support our Church is always a problem. I suppose it is wherever you are!

Our parish folk give as much as they can and we pay our dues and our staff but not as much as we would like. However, we are inventive in our own ways and are also grateful for the help we get from other sources at home and from overseas.

If attending one of our parish services, you would probably find not just money arriving on the collection plate but produce as well. Much of our rural economy trades in ‘kind’ and parishioners bring along their fruit, vegetables and crops as their offering. This is then auctioned off at the end of the service and the money is then added to the collection plate. It is often a time when bidding ‘wars’ for a bag of potatoes creates great excitement as well as a good profit for the funds! And how often do you see 3-metre lengths of sugar cane in your collection plate?