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The Church of Uganda

Masindi-Kitara Diocese Trustees

 “ The Friends (UK) of Masindi-Kitara Diocese was officially formed as a charitable trust in 2008 to give support to the young and growing Diocese of Masindi-Kitara in Uganda. The people there have a living faith, are committed to Christ and his church, and are very welcoming. They are in a country which is financially poor and as a result the Church lacks important facilities. ‘The Friends’ raises money to support the diocese and is a registered UK charity (No.1146374) as well as being cleared for Gift Aided donations. At the moment the Trustees are giving priority to the training of clergy, readers and others. Thus, we are awarding grants towards the fees for ordinands at university and theological college and, more locally, for improving the Diocesan Training Centre.  

We do not have a formal membership or associated membership fees. Instead, the Trustees gratefully appreciate the support of informal ‘friends’, especially those who donate to the Trust as this allows the further funding of  the Trust’s Diocesan projects.  If you would like to find out more about the Diocese and the projects or to donate towards them, there are further details from the drop-down menu above this page. I hope that you can join with us in helping to spread the Gospel in this delightful but needy part of Uganda.  

(The Rev’d Canon) John Kirkby

Chairman of The Friends (UK) of Masindi-Kitara Diocese”