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Despite being far away from our national airport at Entebbe, we do have a fair number of international tourists stopping off to wonder at some of our natural features and national treasures that are situated in the Diocese. Arguably the most amazing is Murchison Falls which forces the reluctant mile-wide Victoria Nile through a 7 metre gap in the jagged rock gorge to plunge over 40 metres down to the crocodile-infested waters below. Situated on our northern border, it’s part of the huge National Park where you might be lucky enough to meet many of the wild animals traditionally associated with Africa – lions, elephants, hippos, giraffe and, of course, a variety of monkeys plus so much more. You might even see the magnificent but shy Crested Crane, the national bird of Uganda.

On our western border is Lake Albert, formed from part of the Rift Valley system. As the road – little more than a track – drives westwards towards our border parishes, this elongated lake suddenly appears below the sharp escarpment of the valley and really does show up what a ‘rift’ it really is! Across, and in the distance, we see the hazy mountains of the Congo.

But it is our people who are our most valuable and colourful resource, both in their daily lives and in their cultural activities.They sing and they dance – yes – in their worship of Almighty God, but also in traditional dress when they party or put on a display for visitors. And the hospitality! We have little but can create a sumptuous feast from next to nothing. What gifts! What talent!

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