I’ve mentioned our special talent for music elsewhere but it permeates the whole of our culture inside and outside our churches. Listen to some more examples of it by clicking on the note symbols on this page. You’ll hear that Ugandan music and singing is very rhythmic because we have our own style supported by our own instruments. The drums and drummers feature very heavily, of course, but we also have more local instruments – home-made – and our congregations often form mini-orchestras to accompany the vibrant hymn-singing. One such instrument, peculiar to our specific area is the ndongo (or sometimes adungo), a stringed instrument with a curved neck and a soundboard covered with goatskin, so that it can be bowed or else plucked like a harp. Different sizes of these can make whole orchestras. A wooden xylophone can also feature, but that is more of a luxury! Never mind – why not try your own hand at making something more simple that you might find our inventive folk using here –  put some dry beans or round seeds into an old cistern ball cock and shake it, it’s our version of maracas. It’s great fun for the children … and the grown-ups!